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Brazilian Portuguese - Learn the most common use of the verb falar (to speak).

August 28, 2018

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Transcription of this episode:

In this video, we are going to study the conjugation and the most common use of the verb falar (to speak).

We use the verb falar (to speak) to say which language we speak.

For example:

Eu falo português. (I speak Portuguese).

Eu não falo russo. (I don’t speak Russian).

The verb falar (to speak) is also often used with the preposition with.

For example:

Eu falo com meus amigos todos os dias. (I speak with my friends every day).

The verb falar is a regular verb ending in AR, that is, it follows the same pattern as the other regular verbs ending in AR.

Let’s then revise the conjugation of the verb falar in the present tense:

Eu falo (I speak)

Você fala (You speak)

Ela/ele fala (She / he speaks)

Nós falamos (We speak)

Vocês falam You speak)

Elas/eles falam (They speak)

Now let's do a small exercise to practice using the verb falar. I'm going to put a sentence on the screen for you to complete with the verb falar conjugated in its proper form. Then I'll tell you the correct answer. Ready?

Eu ____ inglês.

Answer: Eu falo inglês.

Você ____ francês.

Answer: Você fala francês.

A menina ____ espanhol.

Answer: A menina fala espanhol.

O menino ____ italiano.

Answer: O menino fala italiano.

Nós _____ português.

Answer: Nós falamos português.

Vocês ____ japonês.

Answer: Vocês falam japonês.

Aqueles homens ____ chinês.

Answer: Aqueles homens falam chinês.

Aquelas mulheres ____ alemão.

Answer: Aquelas mulheres falam alemão.

Very well!

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Thanks for watching this video and see you next time!

Tchau, tchau!